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    Country Daypop | New Country 93 | Page 224

    Country Daypop Archives

    Jamey Johnson Concert Canceled

    This led to a gun rights debate on social media. The show was canceled because the Artist performing refuse to adhere to safety and security guidelines.  Canceled Jamey Johnson Concert Stokes Gun Rights Debate Via tasteofcountry.com 07/24/2017

    Jacob Davis Drops Three New Tracks

    ‘James Brown’, ‘Real Love’, and ‘Got Me Like’ are the three surprise tracks release by Jacob Davis during his tour.  Jacob Davis Drops Three Surprise New Tracks Via tasteofcountry.com 07/23/2017 1:00 PM   Editorial credit: Randy Miramontez

    Ryan Seacrest To Host American Idol

    The announcement was made on Live with Kelly & Ryan Thursday July 20th. The was excitement in the crowd from the announcement.  Ryan Seacrest Returning as Host of ‘American Idol’ Via tasteofcountry.com 07/20/2017 11:11 AM   Editorial